TV Judge Ana Maria Polo Rallies Latinos Against Cancer

Cuban-born attorney Ana María Polo, the judge on the Telemundo television court program "Caso Cerrado" (Case Closed), is working to unite Latinos in the United States in her role as the first Hispanic spokeswoman for the Unidos Contra el Cancer/Stand Up to Cancer organization.

"In 2008, five years after being operated for breast cancer, I saw an event on television that was on all the channels. It was 'Stand Up to Cancer' and when I looked into it and saw what it was all about, I realized that we Latinos need to be more informed about that organization," she told Efe.

Polo, who sings her program's theme song, now sings the virtues of the organization she describes as "the future of the cure for cancer."

"This is a proactive program, because different research teams, working to find a cure for the disease, are competing for the funds collected. They have to show that their work is effective," she said.

Polo feels honored to be the first Latino woman working to raise Hispanics' awareness about the organization.

Ana María Polo is currently in excellent health and is preparing to make one of her professional dreams come true: recording a disc of her compositions.

"I've already spoken with several producers including Emilio Estefan. This is something that is definitely on the cards," she said.

But right now she is dedicated 100 percent to rallying the Latino public against cancer.

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