3 Reasons to Shop NOW for Back-to-School Supplies

Cc-by Dvortygirl/Flickr

 (Cc-by Dvortygirl/Flickr)

It seems like school ended yesterday. But now is the best time to start shopping for your back-to-school items!

Retailers are starting even earlier this year with their marketing efforts. By starting back-to-school shopping now, you’ll be able to take advantage of many "door buster" or "loss leader" sales without the added last-minute stress.


Follow these tips:

1) Be on the lookout for offers from national office supply stores. They will start showcasing a few items at rock bottom prices. They will start showcasing a few items at rock bottom prices. For example, just this week you could save up to 75% off select office supply items at Staples when visiting their stores with the coupons found in their weekly ad.

2) This is a great time to get acquainted with the big box store (e.g. Walmart and Target) price matching policies.  Since it's still early in the season, take advantage of this policy so that you don't have to run all around town chasing deals. It's as easy as taking a competitor store sales flyer with you and price matching the exact product you want to buy at the cash register. By doing this, it will save you time, money and gas.

3) July also brings great semi-annual and clearance sales that can help our wallets with some basic necessity apparel items like jeans and sneakers. As well, don't buy too many new outfits for the new semester. Fall will be here pretty soon and your children will not get to wear their new clothes all that often. Think about buying now - if the price is right - a couple of outfits in one size larger for the Spring.

Once we get into the full swing of back to school shopping season, I'll share with you more money saving tips and tricks.

Yoly Mason writes about frugality and savings tips & tricks in her popular Spanish-language blog