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The world of pretend doesn’t disappear when we leave childhood behind; it merely changes. As adults we pretend every day. It’s understandable. Being an active participant in this thing called life, while facing the harsh realities that come with it, requires an allowance for escapism. 

Pretending, while sometimes dangerous, is often simply about survival.

In order to survive some become what could be considered caricatures of themselves in order to set themselves apart and portray a pride in who they are, but instead they become a group that incites fear and is forced to pretend that it’s respect.

Though they’re often seen as the epitome of sex, Latina women hide their sensuality more than others due to pressures to live up to cultural norms; pretending, even often to themselves, that their urges are not a natural part of being human.

But while pretending can be a means of survival or a way to live up to expectations, it can be dangerous. An alleged murderer allowed to disguise his crime in a claim of insanity poses a hazard to the justice system and the victims who count on it to serve them.

And then there is the most dangerous pretend game of all: the one where an entire society of people allow history to be rewritten, turn a blind eye to the truth, and pretend to themselves that it’s all okay because it’s for the common good.

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