Chi-Town's Finest Breakers: Chicago Breakdancing Family Gains Recognition

From Chicago to Hollywood, five siblings are dancing their way to stardom. They are Chi-Town's Finest Breakers, and they can wow an audience with moves so amazing even Oprah is impressed.

(She had the group open for her show on Michigan Avenue.)

Chi-Town’s Finest includes the B-Boys: Ozone, Crazy Legs, and Turbo, and their sisters, Precious Moments and Spinderella. The youngest is six, and the eldest, 13.

The kids told FOX Chicago they have performed for Oprah, the Black-Eyed Peas, Common, and, of course, Justin Bieber! They were even finalists on Paula Abdul's new dance show.

While all of those famous names are impressive, their father, Henry Borjas, is the person these kids admire most.

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"I want to thank my dad. We wouldn't be doing big shows like this," Lil' Crazy Legs said. 

Their DJ father mixes their music, and with no formal training, choreographs their acts.

"I didn't think I was going to make a whole bunch of kids and say, 'I am creating the Chi-Town's Finest Breakers,' you know?” Borjas said. “That happened later on when we created the name, the brand, and we got serious. Don't get me wrong, we're not the Brady Bunch, and at the end of the day I am just their dad."

The kids have more than 24 different dance routines, but their father says they have to do well in school or they are out.

"They want to be entertainers for the rest of their lives, so they tell me,” Borjas said. “I say, 'Hey it's up to you. Education is first, because you have to learn how to read scripts, you have to learn how to count your money.' "

Both parents work full time while managing the kids’ dance careers. They have even turned their living room into a dance studio. But where they are today is a testament to their focus and passion. 

Two years ago the family of eight was homeless.

"Me and my family were living in a car homeless, living in hotel," Ozone said.

Lil' Turbo said dancing helped get them through the tough times: "Breakdancing has made us stronger. Now we have a roof over our head and somewhere to sleep."

The experience kept the kids grounded. Even when they are flying around the country to perform for acts that others only dream of meeting.

Now the family wants to inspire others. Their mother, Jessica Borjas, said: "Keep your head up. Anything you want in your life you can get by being positive and keeping your head up, practicing. It will happen, it will happen. Don't ever say you can't ever do that you'll be able to do it."

The Chi-Town Finest Breakers prove, you can "do it," even while spinning on your head.

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