Had Enough Charlie Sheen? There's an App for That

Had enough of the Sheen media onslaught? (In which, yes, Fox News Latino has participated.) You're not alone: Judging by the cascading numbers of viewers for the former "Two and a Half Men" star's Ustream rants—60,000 watched his latest, versus the 100,000 that sampled the debut—you wouldn't be the only one tiring of #winning, ninjas, goddesses or any talk of feline blood.

Now, the tech-and-science ephemera site Boing Boing has weighed in with a discovery: The Charlie Sheen Browser Blocker, developed by the Free Art and Technology Lab. Download the plug-in for Firefox or Chrome, the site claims, and Sheen's image and written name will be blockaded from your Internet screen.

According to F.A.T., it’s been downloaded over 7,000 times.


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