8 Great Tropical Honeymoon Spots for Fall

Q. For our honeymoon, I want to surprise my bride with a trip somewhere tropical where all we have to do is wake up, eat, sleep, and swim. But I'm worried about hurricane season, as our trip would be next September. Any recommendations?

While there is no guarantee that you will completely avoid a hurricane in September, the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) are located outside of the usual hurricane path. So is Margarita Island, located off the coast of Venezuela. And Barbados has escaped a direct hurricane hit for the last 20 years. Another thought: Possibly the South Pacific would be worth considering as well.
Margie Jordan, ASAP Travel, Jacksonville, FL

You could go to Rio or anywhere in Brazil, as it’s below the hurricane belt. It's still warm and has great beaches. There are also some good all-inclusive (resorts) if you are looking for that.
Lois Howes, Superior Travel, Freeport, NY

We would recommend either Barbados or Bermuda. Both are outside the hurricane belt. Another alternative, not quite so tropical but with equal 'wake up, eat, sleep and swim' options, would be Aruba.
Carol Wagner / Owner - Travel Plus, Inc., Commerce Township, MI

September is prime time in Hawaii, with excellent weather. So a great honeymoon choice would be the five-star Hotel Hana-Maui, a relatively secluded resort and spa located on Maui’s southeast coast. It’s at the end of the Hana Highway, so the three-hour trip there is part of the adventure: The route follows the coast line for most of the drive from the airport, going over 59 bridges (46 are single-lane) and past numerous waterfalls. Just past Hana are the Seven Sacred Pools. Two distractions that will be absent from this romantic getaway: Television and Internet.
Rick Ardis, Ardis Travel, East Rutherford NJ

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