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You Can Buy an Antique Chapel for $13,500 -- There's Just One Catch

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    old church

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    The tall steeple of the church makes it epecially hard to move.The tall steeple of the church makes it especially hard to move.

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    The church bell dates to 1909 and is worth nearly as much as the church itself.

Going to the chapel and gonna get married? Why not have the chapel come to you? For less than half the cost of the average American wedding, you can buy an entire chapel!

If you have $13,500, this 107-year-old church in Granville, ND, can be yours for a wedding or whatever your heart desires. The one major catch? It's just the building that's for sale, not the land. Forget about attaching cans to the back of your car; you'll need to load this entire building onto the back of a truck.

So while the upfront costs are unbelievably affordable, a conservative estimate says a buyer will pay at least 10 times as much to move the chapel. It's hard to say for sure, considering the building's age and odd dimensions.

In the face of these challenges, listing agent Jodee Heimdal hasn't found a match made in heaven just yet.

"There's been a ton of interest, but nothing's quite clicked," says Heimdal. Potential buyers -- all local thus far -- include another church, a buyer interested in attaching the church to a home, and another interested in making it a lakeside property.

The original stained glass and woodwork are still intact. The old church bell -- still functioning over a century later and valued at $10,000 -- has an inscription in Norwegian and is nearly as valuable as the entire building.

If you're not worried about breaking hearts -- the church's current owners were married there -- the property could be torn down and disassembled for its materials if you're not interested in the expense of moving the structure cross-country.

If you're looking for some heavenly design elements to add to your current estate or a divine addition to your home or business, this building can be converted to whatever you desire, all for less than the price of a luxury car.