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Fast Food

Quick-thinking Domino's pizza crew saves a customer's life


A crew at a Salem, Ore. Domino's has been credited with saving a regular's life. (Reuters)

Employees at a Domino's Pizza shop in Salem have been credited with saving a customer's life.

The team had become concerned Sunday after not hearing from one of their regular customers, Kirk Alexander, in 11 days.

The store's assistant manager, Jenny Seiber, says they sent a delivery driver to Alexander's home. The employee noticed lights and a television on inside, but calls to the man and a knock on his door went unanswered. The team then instructed the driver to call 911.

Marion County sheriff's deputies responded and heard Alexander calling for help. Lt. Chris Baldridge says they entered the home and found Alexander suffering from undisclosed medical problems that could've ended his life.

The 48-year-old was reported in stable condition Monday.

The employees say they're happy he's doing better.