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Turkish man shoots dining companion who paid restaurant bill


Istanbul's skyline is dotted with historic buildings. After eating at a restaurant in the trendy Bakirkoy district, a man is accused of pulling out a gun and shooting his dining companion. (AP)

A Turkish man was shot and killed by his dining companion after the two reportedly argued over who would be paying for the meal at a restaurant in Istanbul on Sunday.

According to Turkish newspaper the Daily Sabah, Hasan Erdemir and İdris Alakuş both enjoyed some soup at a restaurant in the city’s bustling upper-middle class Bakirkoy district. 

Alakuş was already dining when Erdemir entered the eatery with two friends and was soon invited to join.

After the meal was over,  Alakuş allegedly asked for the bill but wait staff told him that Erdemir had already settled the tab. Alakuş allegedly left the restaurant infuriated, the Milliyet newspaper reported, and returned moments later with a gun.

Restaurant CCTV footage shows Alakuş reenter the restaurant and shoot Erdemir in the torso area, before turning the gun on two other men.

Erdemir was rushed to the hospital and later succumbed to his wounds. The two friends are reportedly in a stable, non-life threatening condition.

After shooting his dining companion, Alakuş fled the scene, Turkey’s NTV reported, but was soon apprehended by police and taken into custody.