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Fast Food

McDonald’s is testing a chicken sausage breakfast sandwich


Will the leaner meat win over legions of devoted breakfast fans? (McDonald's)

McDonald’s is already turning slumping sales around by offering all day breakfast.

Now the Golden Arches is banking on the popularity of the most important meal of the day with a brand new breakfast item.

The chain is testing a chicken sausage patty in its McMuffin and other breakfast sandwiches as a healthier alternative to fattier pork, reports BrandEating.

The patty has already been spotted in the Albany, New York area as well as several other states in the Northeast earlier this year.

Like its competitors, McDonald’s has been testing more healthy menu options in recent years. 

In 2013, the chain started offering egg whites in its breakfast items, they currently have a Greek yogurt parfait (which offers more protein than traditional varieties), and they added vitamin-rich kale to their salad mix last year.