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6 DC-Area Homes Perfect for Obama's Post-White House Move

  • 7201-Dulany-Dr-2cc849d3cd343510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

    The Obamas might want to move into 7201 Dulany Dr., in McLean, VA.

  • old-mansion-e1457127962207-2cc849d3cd343510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

    The Obamas may want to consider this residence at 2401 Kalorama Rd., in Washington, D.C., when they go house hunting.

  • 2850-Woodland-Dr-NW-Washington-DC-e-2cc849d3cd343510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

    The Obamas might enjoy this residence at 2850 Woodland Dr. in Washington, D.C.

  • 1004-e1457128122206-2cc849d3cd343510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

    McLean, VA home fit for the Obamas.

  • 9001-e1457128163744-2cc849d3cd343510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

    9001 Congressional Ct., in Potomac, MD, is another potential home for the Obamas.

From the White House to a … white-hot, DC-area mansion?

Yes, that's right. After much speculation, President Obama said on Thursday that he has decided to stay in Washington, DC, for at least a few postpresidency years. That way his younger daughter, Sasha, can stay in her high school, Sidwell Friends, until graduation, says The Washington Post.

So while most in the media are caught in the increasingly surreal minutiae of this year's election cycle -- obsessing over the size of candidates' bank accounts, fingers, and other appendages -- we decided to lend a helping hand to the man currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Where should the Obama family go next?

Clearly not just any neighborhood has what it takes to house a former commander in chief. The Obamas will most likely need to leave the city limits to find a residence large enough to accommodate them -- and their large security detail, speculates Rachel Valentino, a real estate broker at Bethesda, MD-based Valentino & Associates, a Keller Williams Realty firm.

They may head for the affluent, spacious estates of Bethesda; Potomac, MD; or McLean, VA.

"I'm guessing he'll like a nice estate with a swimming pool, perhaps a tennis court and a basketball court," Valentino says.

Still, we think the Obamas may choose to stay in DC to be closer to Sasha's school -- as well as their friends and the trendy restaurants they like to frequent.

But whichever direction the Obamas choose, they're going to have to pony up for it -- particularly in some of the hottest DC neighborhood, says Ty Voyles, a real estate agent at DC-based Fulcrum Properties Group, a Keller Williams Realty affiliate.

Those areas are "on the more expensive end of the scale [and] they're highly sought-after," Voyles says. "The Obamas would need to be ready to compete."

Taking all that into consideration, here are a few suggestions, both in and out of the city. You're welcome, Barack!

2401 Kalorama Rd NW, Washington, DC

Price: $8,750,000

Features fit for the first family: The oldest mansion in Washington, DC, has a serious pedigree that would befit a former leader of the free world. The six-bedroom Colonial was originally built in 1754 in Massachusetts and then moved to the affluent Kaloramo neighborhood of DC in the 1930s. It comes with banquet-size rooms, a spa, a three-car garage, and 11 fireplaces. Do you have to have been the head of the U.S. of A. to move in?

-- -- --

2850 Woodland Dr NW, Washington, DC

Price: $12,000,000

Features fit for the first family: This seven-bedroom, gated estate boasts 12-foot ceilings, a pool, and marble terraces. It even comes equipped with a second kitchen (great for entertaining) and staff quarters (for the security detail).

-- -- --

7201 Dulany Dr., McLean, VA

Price: $28,800,000

Features fit for the first family: This three-story, Beaux Arts -- style estate has an indoor swimming pool, sauna, and wet bar. The eight-bedroom home sits on nearly 2.5 acres, with plenty of space to build quarters for staff and security (to keep the future boyfriends of the former first daughters in line). It might be a bit palatial for this seemingly down-to-earth POTUS, but who knows?

-- -- --

1004 Founders Ridge Ln, MacLean, VA

Price: $7,345,000

Features fit for the first family: This five-bedroom, limestone manor comes with a pool, pavilion, and spa -- as well as supplied 24-hour security (which, of course, would be augmented or replaced by the governmental variety). The 1.34-acre property sits on a quiet cul-de-sac, perfect for some much-needed quiet time after eight years in the spotlight.

-- -- --

9001 Congressional Ct, Potomac, MD

Price: $4,950,000

Features fit for the first family: The name of the street of this 2-acre, seven-bedroom country estate sounds very presidential indeed. But the half basketball court will probably be the main selling point for the baller in chief, while the indoor batting cage, pool, and lanai should appeal to the whole family. A guest cottage also sits on the property, perfect for visiting royalty -- music royalty.

-- -- --

2805 Chesterfield Pl NW, Washington, DC

Price: $3,399,000

Features fit for the first family: If the Obamas are ready to ditch the stuffy vibe of the White House, this unique, four-bedroom home, designed by famed architect Travis L. Price, may just be for them. This funky postmodern mansion boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and an aerie on the top floor so they can look up and see the stars -- just the thing for a star politician. Former, that is.