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Cooking Basics

Google's top recipe, beer and cocktail searches for 2015


People looked up how to make pumpkin seeds more than any other recipe on Google in 2015. (iStock)

What’s on the menu? 

Google has released top searches for 2015 -- and this year, recipes, cocktails and beer earned their own category distinction for being most-searched.

While, not overly shocking, some items that made the lists are fascinating.

In the recipe department, we get that pumpkin is popular, but we can’t figure out why it’s pumpkin seeds, not spice-or heck even pumpkin pie. And check out what made number one of the beer list.  There are no words.

Top recipe terms

1Pumpkin Seed Recipes

2Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

3Philly Cheese Steak Recipe

4Chicken Recipes

5Apple Pie Recipe

6Brownie Recipe

7Pesto Recipe

8Pancake Recipe

9Cabbage Recipes

10Chili Recipe

Top cocktail terms


2Moscow Mule



5Long Island Iced Tea 




9Sex on the Beach


Top beer terms

1Bud Light Mixxtail

2Gose beer

3Grapefruit beer

4805 beer

5SweetWater 420

6Blue Moon

7Abita Purple Haze

8Wild Blue beer


10Miller High Life