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Vince Neil Close to Selling His Sweet Home in Danville

  • neil-dining-d32b636beb2a1510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

    Dining area and kitchen

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    View from the back balcony

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  • neil-backyard-d32b636beb2a1510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

    Outdoor kitchen and sitting area

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Forget whatever Dr. Feelgood has to offer -- rock star Vince Neil should be riding a natural high, as the lead singer of Mtley Cre is close to selling his $2.58 million mansion in Danville, CA.

The 5,370-square-foot house is expected to close within a week, according to listing agent Brooks Landry. Property records indicate the debauched frontman in search of nothin' but a good time has been trying to sell the property since October 2012.

It's not that the home failed at garnering interest; Landry says international investors from as far away as China have scoped out the property and a recent open house drew 175 people. A couple of buyers were close to sealing the deal over the past three years but eventually backed out, he adds.

One of the major selling points for the four-bedroom, five-bathroom Mediterranean-style manse is the sprawling outdoor patio and backyard that feature hand-painted Italian tile at the bottom of the fountain-studded pool, statues imported from Paris, and kitchen with marble features.

"There's no other property in the area with a yard like it," Landry says, noting that Neil sunk "over a million" dollars into the backyard not long ago.

Neil and his group are currently on a final, international farewell tour that'll wind up in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve.