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Former NBA Star Donyell Marshall Selling Pennsylvania Home

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    Donyell Marshall (2006 Getty Images)

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    Front view

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    Zen-like indoor area

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    Exterior view

Retired NBA star Donyell Marshall is looking to dish out his mountaintop home in Reading, PA, for $1.6 million.

Marshall, 42, played for eight different teams during his 15-year NBA career, but he's best known for sinking 12 three-pointers during a 2005 game against the 76ers and tying Kobe Bryant's league record for most three-pointers hit in a single game.

The forward earned approximately $72.4 million during his years in the NBA and is now dispensing basketball knowledge in his role as assistant hoops coach in Buffalo, NY.

His five-bedroom contemporary home sits on a 13-acre lot surrounded by trees "on top of a mountain," according to the listing. The home measures in at 7,120 square feet and features an indoor pool.

There's also a room featuring indoor greenery, with a bench and wood floors bordering what appears to be a Zen garden. There's also an indoor regulation racquetball court, an outdoor tennis court, and a detached guesthouse.