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Dunkin' Donuts releases a festive holiday coffee cup


Dunkin’ Donuts’ has released its seasonal cup that features wreaths and the word “Joy.” (AP)

The Christmas coffee cup controversy continues to brew.

Just as people were starting to settle down over Starbucks’ plain red holiday cup and its lack of holiday cheer, Dunkin’ Donuts has released its seasonal cup that features wreaths and the word “Joy.”

Dunkin’ Donuts says its traditional seasonal design was not made in response Starbucks' red cup, which has set off a heated "War on Christmas" debate.  

Yet, some on social media questioned whether Dunkin' Donuts' festive design was a jab at Starbucks' plain red cup.

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Some Evangelical Christians, including Joshua Feuerstein –an Internet personality who tackles hot button issues by creating controversial videos-- have accused Starbucks of stripping the Christmas message from the holiday.

“Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus,” wrote Joshua Feuerstein in a viral Facebook post. He also encouraged users to give their name as “Merry Christmas” while ordering to “trick” Starbucks baristas into saying the greeting.

Starbucks has not responded to Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup and has continued to stand behind their design. A Starbucks representative told earlier that the plain red cup represented a black canvas where customers can tell their own holiday stories.

Yet, many continue to add their voices to the debate that hasn't seem to grown cold, and hastags like #MerryChristmasStarbucks, #ItsJustaCup and ChristmasBUYcot have gone viral.