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Eva Gabor's Estate Has a Celebrity Pedigree and, Maybe, Her Ghost

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    Dramatic stairs

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    Walk-in closet

Long before the Kardashians and the "Real Housewives" were hogging celebrity news headlines, there were the three Gabor sisters: Magda, Zsa Zsa, and Eva. Beautiful blond socialites from Hungary, they seemed exotic in the largely inward-looking America of the 1950s and 1960s. Sometime actresses and full-time media personalities, the sisters appeared to crave the spotlight.

Youngest sister Eva Gabor, who died in 1995 and is perhaps best remembered for her turn as a ditzy housewife on the TV series " Green Acres," apparently still loves attention. Her spirit has been seen roaming her former Los Angles mansion by the current owners, who have now listed the six-bedroom, four-bathroom estate for $16.95 million.

"She's still there," says listing agent Josh Flagg. "Lights flicker; she's very friendly."

Maybe she can't bear to leave the exclusive Holmby Hills area where the home sits on mansion-lined Delfern Drive, which Flagg calls "probably the best street west of the Mississippi."

Under imposing columns that bracket the front door you can see the sweeping spiral staircase that leads to the second floor.

Upstairs, the massive walk-in closet and sumptuous master bath reflect their former owner's glamorous persona. And, of course, the home has its own movie viewing room, complete with vintage 35-millimeter projector, Flagg notes. The estate was built in 1938 for the head of Columbia Pictures and designed by architect Paul Williams.

The current owners have maintained the old Hollywood feel of the home, Flagg says.

"It's beautiful, and they maintain it very well," he says, adding that the 6,414-square-foot home exudes old Hollywood glamour "more than any other house I've ever seen." It has its own tennis court and swimming pool, too. Of course.

Gabor may be the only spirit who's been spotted at the 1.1-acre estate, but she was not the only Hollywood luminary to live there. The home was rented out for a period in the 1960s, and the likes of Frank Sinatra, David Niven, Mia Farrow, and Audrey Hepburn lived there at various times, Flagg says.

"Green Acres is the place for me," went the theme song of Gabor's TV show. The new owner of her home will doubtless feel the same way about it.