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8 Windmill Homes That Could Cut Your Electric Bill -- and Look Amazing, Too

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    The property's working windmill.

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    A true western sunset.

  • westcliffe-5c25393ed35b0510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

    Those views.

  • carmine-1024x678-5c25393ed35b0510VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____

    This little windmill fits in perfectly.

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There's something magical about the windmill. Whether it's an old-school galvanized steel-and-beam construction or a vintage mill that once processed grain, the idea that you can harness power from the wind is extremely enticing.

Building your own windmill isn't a breeze, unless you have deep pockets. A 10-kilowatt machine -- enough to power your home -- can cost upward of $50,000. Yes, the savings are enormous: Some owners report knocking $65 or more off their monthly energy bill, and in some cases the energy company might even credit you back. But even if you cancel out your entire monthly electric expenses, you're still looking at years where you're upside-down on your fancy new windmill.

So why build when you can buy? Finding a home with a working windmill isn't as hard as you might think, meaning you can start saving money immediately after closing and the wind whips across your new home. Here are our eight favorite homes with a windmill.

11501 Wildlife Cir, Carmine, TX

Price: $1.099 million
Wind power: The working windmill on this 55-acre estate promises to lower your power bill -- and it makes a unique backdrop for the pool and outdoor entertaining area.

-- -- --

7491 Applewood Ln, Sebastopol, CA

Price: $749,950
Wind power: Looking to live off the land? Check out this California property that offers not one but two working windmills. One is designed exclusively for agricultural use on the 1-acre plot of land.

-- -- --

705 E Highway St, Fredericksburg, TX

Price: $219,800
Wind power: The working windmill is just one more historic detail in this charming three-bedroom home built in 1931. So, when you open up your adorable new bed-and-breakfast in the space, your guests will be delighted by the authenticity.

-- -- --

14967 SW 34th Ter, Benton, KS

Price: $305,000
Wind power: The windmill's not the only thing with wind power on this 2.5-acre property. Private pilots will love the taxiway service to the nearby Stearman Field Airport. (And from personal experience: Don't miss their fly-ins.)

-- -- --

2075 Belmont Rd, Lebanon Junction, KY

Price: $1 million
Wind power: Live the Kentucky farm life on this 96-acre property, including four wells, two barns, a garden, a pasture, 2 acres of woods, and -- oh, yeah -- a windmill.

-- -- --

209 Shore Rd, Chatham, MA

Price: $599,500
Wind power: Here's something a little different: Why not just live in the windmill? The shingled windmill repurposed into this 437-square-foot home offers a surprising amount of living space -- and makes for a stunning vaulted ceiling in the itty-bitty living room.

-- -- --

42236 N. 7th St, Phoenix, AZ

Price: $461,700
Wind power: You'll never feel more Western than when you ride your horse along the pristine desert landscape of this 5-acre property located on the edge of Phoenix.

-- -- --

1105 Mitchell Mountain Rd, Westcliffe, CO

Price: $459,000
Wind power: This is the best windmill yet: historic, complete with stock tank, and set amid stunning views of the snow-capped Rockies. The 3,464-square-foot home is all right, but the view is something special.