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Want to make out with your coffee? Try this creepy human face-shaped cup lid


The Take Kiss Out lid features realistic human lips for a romantic coffee experience. (Jang Woo-Seok)

We’ve all heard the sophomoric saying, If you love your coffee so much, why don’t you just marry it?

You might not be able to say “I do” to your morning brew, but thanks to a new lid design you can at least make out with it.

South Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok has created a bizarre drink lid shaped like the bottom half of a human face. With a cute little nose and protruding lips, the lid gives the illusion that the lid is puckering up, awaiting a gently kiss from the drinker. 

“I love both coffee and kisses. I always have coffee a day, but kiss can't.  So I began to sketch the idea at the café,” WooSeok wrote about his “Take Kiss Out” design.

The disposable lid, which comes in black and white, is made of a polystylene foam material. Initially the design was just lips, but Woo-Seok quickly realized that not including the whole face led an absence in an authentic kissing experience.

“I realized that touch the noses is essential point in order to feel realistically while i kissed. So I add the nose and face muscle to the lid,” WooSeok wrote on his website.  “Finally, It has the lineaments of that of a Greek statue as well as a friendly face.”

According to the designer’s website, he is beginning larger scale production on the lids soon and plans to sell them to café franchises in South Korea.

Friendly or creepy? You decide.