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Fast Food

Which states have the most McDonald’s?


The South and the Midwest are home to the most McDonald's locations in the country. (AP File Photo)

McDonald’s may be closing restaurants, but the Golden Arches still dominate the fast food world.

Yet, some states have more locations of the Big Mac franchise than others. Business journal 24/7 Wall Street conducted a study to find where the most McDonald’s are in the country compared to rising rates of obesity.

They found that McDonald’s is most ubiquitous (ie most locations per 100,000 residents) in the South and Midwest. Ohio takes the top spot with just over seven locations per 100,000 people.

Mississippi and West Virginia, the two states with the highest obesity rates, do not crack the top 10 with most McDonald’s locations. Coincidentally, neither does Illinois—the state in which McDonald’s was founded.

Maryland is the only state on the list with an obesity rate below 30 percent. 

McDonald’s locations per 100,000 residents, U.S.

1. Ohio

Locations: 7.1

Obesity rate: 30.4%

2. Michigan

Locations: 6.38

Obesity rate: 31.5%

3. Kansas

Locations:  6.36

Obesity rate: 30%

4. Maryland

Locations: 6.33

Obesity rate: 28.3%

5. Louisiana

Locations: 6.3

Obesity rate: 33.1%

6. Arkansas

Locations: 6.21

Obesity rate: 34.6%

7. Missouri

Locations: 6.10

Obesity rate: 30.4%

8. Tennessee

Locations: 6.05

Obesity rate: 33.7%

9. Indiana

Locations: 5.97

Obesity rate: 31.8%

10. Kentucky

Locations: 5.94

Obesity rate: 33.2%