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You'll Die for 'Fatal Attraction' Screenwriter's $6.8M Beverly Hills Home

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    The luxurious spa.

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    Sunny living room.

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    Your secluded porch.

Looking for a Beverly Hills escape? Hollywood screenwriter James Dearden recently listed his secluded home for $6.8 million. It's on a plot of land so lushly landscaped you might not even know you have neighbors.

"It's like a retreat from the bustling city life," says listing agent Paul Czako of Gussman Czako Estates. "It's very landscaped, very dense."

Dearden is best known for writing the 1987 thriller "Fatal Attraction," as well as the 1988 drama "Pascali's Island" and the recent cyberpunk adventure video game Technobabylon.

Upstairs, you'll find what the listing describes as "the most luxurious bathroom you've ever seen" -- built with imported slate and limestone -- including an impressive, windowed spa tub.

All that seclusion doesn't mean you have to hide away, though: Czako says the home is also a "showcase." Frequent entertainers may enjoy opening all the first-floor doors to "host a great gathering," allowing guests to wander freely from the living and dining spaces to the outdoor pool.