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Guy Fieri reveals the origin of his ‘Donkey Sauce’


Guy Fieri just wouldn't be the chef he is today without his famous Donkey Sauce. (Reuters)

Donkey Sauce helped make Guy Fieri into chef he is today. With a punchy name and even punchier taste, this souped-up, mayonnaise-based condiment has become synonymous with the frosted-tip haired chef.

But the origin of its name has been shrouded in mystery—until now.

In an interview with Las Vegas Magazine, Fieri revealed that he actually come up with the name for his special burger sauce while working on a cruise ship.

“When I was younger, I was working on a Carnival Cruise in the kitchen,” the Food Network star revealed. 

“I explained to one of the other chefs that you have to put the sauce on the burgers. He has this really thick accent and asks, 'Why?' 'You have to put the sauce on the burger or you’re a jackass.' And he goes, 'Jackass? What’s a jackass?' 'It’s a donkey.' 'Oh, so it’s donkey sauce.' That’s really how it happened. I’ve never told that story. No one has ever asked.”

It might be hard to believe that no one has ever asked him this about his signature sauce, but now legions of Fieri fans know the truth.

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