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Extreme Foods

This giant burger-pizza has a crust made entirely of ground beef


Beer keg bacon burger pizza was made with 17 pounds ground beef, 3 pounds of sausage, a pound of ham, 1 pound of pepperoni, 1 gallon of fresh homemade tomato sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms and lots and lots of cheese. (Charlie Sims)

When it comes to wacky foods, there are the ultra-expensive, the just plain weird and the downright massive.

Here’s one for massive column. Charlie Sims’ “Beer keg bacon burger pizza” is one of the most colossal creations we’ve seen to date.

Formed around a beer keg, Sims got the idea after viewing a video for BBQ Pit Boy’s beer can burgers—where a 12-oz can is used as a mold for a beefy cup filled with toppings. This certified pitmaster used a 16-1/8” keg as his mold.

For the meaty burger crust, Sims threw down 17 pounds of 80/20 ground beef mixed with three pounds of sausage. He topped the pizza with a pound of ham, a pound of pepperoni, a gallon of fresh homemade tomato sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms and lots and lots of cheese.

“Actually creating the pizza itself only took about 30 minutes,” Sims explained to “But the hardest part was definitely moving it. We had to be very careful getting it to the smoker and keeping it one piece.”

Sims built his creation on heavy duty butcher paper which doubled as a portable net to transport the 30 pound behemoth.

It took about three hours for the burger-pizza creation to reach peak doneness—an internal temperature of about 155 degrees Fahrenheit according to Sims. Check out Sims' full cooking method on the Times Picayune.

Once it was finished, he cut up the meaty pie into about 30 pieces for 20 barbecue guests.  Apparently not a scrap was left and none of the guests wanted to taint the experience by adding bread to the meat. 

Sims said, "We had buns but nobody even used them."