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Extreme Foods

Indiana lottery offers bacon-scented scratchers with big bacon prize


Bacon lovers now have a scratch-off game just for them. (Hoosier Lottery)

Bacon lovers rejoice. The Indiana lottery has released a new scratcher ticket that will have you smelling-- and even eating-- your favorite porcine product with each swipe of the coin.

In addition to really smelling like bacon, the newest “Bringin’ Home The Bacon” game offers players a chance to win a hefty supply of bacon for 20 years in addition to up to $10,000 in cash prizes, reports Consumerist. The 20 year supply of bacon allows gamers to receive $250 worth of bacon once a year for 20 years—or a lump sum of $5,000.

The tickets, which cost just $2, made their debut on Tuesday but Indiana is not the first state lottery to introduce a bacon-scented game. In January, New Hampshire offered residents its own piggy-scented scratch-and-sniff tickets but sadly there was no big bacon payoff.

Indiana has truly combined two of the nation’s greatest loves—salty, meaty bacon and get-rich-quick schemes.