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With the first day of summer fast approaching, there's no better time than to celebrate National Iced Tea Day on June 10. Grab a shaker, your favorite festive glass and enjoy one or all of these iced tea recipes.

  • 1. Matchia Smoothie Recipe

    The Republic of Tea

    This frozen drink combines the flavors of banana and kale with a new type of tea from The Republic of Tea called Matchia made with ground chia seeds.

    Recipe: Matchia Smoothie Recipe

  • 2. Peach-Infused Bourbon Iced Tea

    Sarah Ashley Schiear

    This peachy bourbon-spiked iced tea makes for a perfect summer cocktail. Southern in spirit, Peach-Infused Bourbon Iced Tea is just right for the Belmont Stakes or anytime your taste buds need a sweet and refreshing pick me up.

    Recipe: Peach-Infused Bourbon Iced Tea

  • 3. Frozen Vanilla Chia Chai Latte Recipe

    The Republic of Tea

    This frozen vanilla chai drink changes things up with a spicy infused flavor.

    Recipe: Frozen Vanilla Chia Chai Latte Recipe

  • 4. French Kiss Iced Tea

    National Bartenders School

    This is a deliciously wonderful start to a romantic evening. Serve with a straw and a knowing smile.

    Recipe: French Kiss Iced Tea

  • 5. Long Island Iced Tea


    The Long Island Iced Tea dates to the 1970's, named after the U.S. largest island, Long Island. But beware, this drink is not for the faint of heart.

    Recipe: Long Island Iced Tea