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Fast Food

People are sad McDonald’s Chicken Selects won’t be a permanent menu item


Chicken Selects are being rolled off the McDonald's menu after a limited run. (McDonald's)

Bad news for lovers of McDonald’s Chicken Selects strips. After a limited run that started earlier this spring, the white meat chicken fingers are being phased off the menu at most McDonald’s locations with no plans to make them a year-round item, according to a company spokeswoman Terri Hickey.

"[S]ome markets are opting to extend the offer longer, but there are no current plans to add them to our U.S. menu permanently," Hickey wrote in an email to CNBC.

Asked whether or not the Selects were a hit this go round, Hickey replied "[A]s a general practice we do not share externally sales of a specific menu item, but we do know that our customers have enjoyed this limited time offer.”

Launched in 2002, Selects were a popular alternative to McNuggets before being taken off the menu in 2013.

But unlike Burger King’s limited-run Chicken Fries which were just recently added to the Whopper chain’s permanent roster, Chicken Selects appear to be going back into hibernation—much to the disappointment of fans everywhere.

McDonald’s continues to struggle with whether to pare down its menu or continue adding premium options for changing consumer tastes.