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Warren Buffett skipping the Oscars for Dairy Queen


Warren Buffet (L) and Bill Gates test out Dairy Queen Blizzards. (Reuters)

Berkshire Hathaway billionaire Warren Buffett isn’t interested in Oscar parties.

Harvey Weinstein has once again invited the so-called “Oracle of Omaha” out to Hollywood for the big show — but Buffett wrote back to Weinstein’s latest invitation, “Since the Academy continues to ignore me, I am having my own awards dinner that night at the local Dairy Queen. It’s very exclusive — so far I’m the only one who has accepted.”

Buffett’s company owns Dairy Queen, and just took a stake in 21st Century Fox.

We hear movie mogul Weinstein and the financial whiz work together on the Goldman Sachs initiative “10,000 Small Businesses,” which aims to help small companies grow.

Last year, Buffett also blew off the awards invitation with the message, “Since I didn’t get nominated this year, I am just going to stay home.” Weinstein responded, “That’s the funniest response to an invitation ever.” But it didn’t deter him from trying again this year.

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