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Extreme Foods

How to make mascara out of Oreos


Watch this beauty vlogger make mascara out of Oreo crumbs. (YouTube/xxmakeupiscoolxx)

We’ve seen some bizarre Oreo creations that are meant to be put in your mouth.

But would you put ‘milk’s favorite cookie’ on your face?

Amateur beauty vlogger Katharine Ward, who goes by the YouTube name xxmakeupiscoolxx, recently uploaded a DIY tutorial to her more than 300,000 followers on how to make mascara with crumbly, chocolately Oreos.

The process is actually pretty intensive-- it involves a lot or crushing and stirring but the end result is pretty impressive. We're not sure if it’s that much easier than going down to the local drug store to pick up a tube. But if superstorm Juno has you snowed in and you still want to feel a little glamorous, take notes from the full segment below.

A request for comment from Mondelez International,which now owns Oreos, was not immediately returned.