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David Rosengarten re-launches The Rosengarten Report

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Food and wine expert David Rosengarten is relaunching 'The Rosengarten Report' in December 2014, with the first issue focusing on the best Italian food importers in the U.S. (TLAstudio)

If you consider yourself any sort of food or wine enthusiast, you're familiar with  food expert, cookbook author and Food Network star David Rosengarten. 

Despite his tenure as Gourmet's food critic, host of his show "Taste",  and his countless television appearances, Rosengarten says he's most proud of The Rosengarten Report. Published from 2001 to 2008, his food newsletter won the James Beard Award for best food and wine newsletter in America, and garnered over 50,000 paid subscribers. 

Rosengarten recently relaunched it in December as an homage to Italian food, with sections that included recipes and new and interesting food products that he is currently loving.

After tasting through 1,000 Italian food products from 60 different importers, Rosengarten and his team chose the best 100 products, and the best three importers in the country. Friends and members of the media gathered at the Italian Trade Commission on last month to sample a selection of these products that Rosengarten featured in the first issue of the newsletter.

Each product that Rosengarten writes about in this issue and in every issue is available for mail-order, making it an ideal guide for people who don’t live in major cities with access to specialty products like these.

“Every issue has a lead story, we take one subject and fully explore it, and it’s always pitched to the home reader all over the U.S.,” said Rosengarten.

With the return of the Rosengarten Report, Rosengarten will appeal to serious foodies that have been educated due to the wealth of food blogs and information. 

“In 2001, I was afraid to really go for it, but people are a little bit more sophisticated now. Now there’s so much food information and people are so knowledgeable, so our stories will now have a sophisticated twist.”

Rosengarten’s goal for the re-launching of the report isn’t to get back to 50,000 subscribers necessarily. Rather, he wants to bring in people who are truly invested in food and wine, and who want to tell their friends about it too. Above all else, he wants to continue to be a voice in the food world.

“I just want people to talk about it, to love it. I find that I was born with this palate that not only is able to discern and anticipate things that other people aren’t noticing, but at the end of the day it turns out to be a popular palate. That puts me in a good position to lead people to new gastronomic realms.”