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Fast Food

McDonald’s voted for best fries, Burger King and Five Guys best burger


More than one third of American say that McDonald's fries are the best, while Burger King and Five Guys tied for best burger. (McDonald's/ AP/ Five Guys)

It's a source of eternal debate: Which fast food place has the best burgers and fries?

According to a new study, over one third of Americans think that McDonald’s has the best fries, but only 7 percent think that the Golden Arches' burger was the best. 

A YouGov, which surveyed over 1,100 Americans to find out who had the best fast food in the country, also showed that the fast food joint with the best burger was Burger King and Five Guys, who tied with 15 percent of vote

Both chains are known for letting diners customize their toppings and condiments.

And despite Taco Bell shaking up the breakfast wars, McDonald’s (17 percent) and Burger King (16 percent) both trumped the competition when it came to having the best breakfasts.

The survey also ranked “healthiest” and favorite overall fast food in America. New Yorkers opted for Chipotle as best overall, but the rest of America likes Chik-Fil-A. Not too surprising as the Big Apple only has one restaurant.

While fast casual restaurants are gaining popularity, traditional fast food eateries are still raking in major bucks, over $191 billion 2013, according to Forbes.