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German waiter breaks world beer-carrying record


Oliver Struempfel carried beers weighing a total of 136 pounds for 130 feet. (Reuters)

A German waiter has broken a world record by carrying 27 full mugs of beer at one time.

Oliver Struempfel, who works at the traditional Gillemoos beer festival in the Bavarian town of Abensberg, carried the beers weighing a total of 136 pounds for 130 feet at the festival.

“I have worked here in the beer tent for the past 17 years, so I have lots of training,” Struempfel told Reuters after winning the competition.  The event took place on Sunday --less than two weeks before the start of Munich’s famous Oktoberfest.

Struempfel transported the full, 1-liter traditional German mugs with just two hands, with each mug weighing approximately 5 pounds. He admitted that he could not do without “training in a fitness center, especially in winter time.”