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Which state has the best beer?


A selection of craft beer including Indiana's Three Floyds Brewery's Arctic Panzer Wolf, Alpha Clause and Rye da Tiger are shown on the shelves of Elite Beverages in Indianapolis, Monday, Jan. 28, 2013. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Washington, D.C. has the monuments and California has great beaches, and according to, Oregon has the best beer.

The lifestyle trend site analyzed all 50 states (the nation’s capital was unfortunately left out) by the quantity and quality of their beer—emphasis on the quality.

“If you're a small state turning out a disproportionate amount of great beer, it did not go unrecognized,” Thillist proclaims before unveiling the official ranking.

While many states have great individual breweries, the biggest surprise may be Anheuser-Busch territory Missouri just missing out on a spot in the top 10. 

Better luck next time, Bud.

With Oregon, California and Washington state at the top spots (1, 2 and 5 respectively), it looks like a trip to the Pacific Northwest should be at the top of any beer lover’s travel list. Oregon ultimately won out over the other prolific brewing states for the “density” of its offerings and overall quality of craft beers-- noting Widmer Brothers, Rogue, and Full Sail as leaders in the craft industry. 

Thirsty for a quality brew? Here are the top 10 states with the best beer:

1. Oregon

2. California

3. Colorado

4. Michigan

5. Washington 

6. Vermont

7. Wisconsin

8. Pennsylvania

9. New York

10. Massachusetts