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Cookout season is well underway but not all home chefs are confident about firing up the grill. Is your meat a little dry? Not so flavorful? Or maybe you're having trouble scraping down your grates.

Up your grill game with this list of high-tech gadgets that would make George Jetson envious.

From blue-tooth thermometers to a master marinator,  these tools are great for cookout pros and novices alike. 

  • 1. Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

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    Don't wait around while your feast cooks outside. Simply sync this device to your smartphone and sit back while the temperature rises. The app will even alert you when your food has reached the ideal temp you set on the base station.

    Price: $89.99, Sharper Image

  • 2. Grillbots


    Clean up usually takes the fun out of the whole grilling experience but these automatic robots make scarping down the grates a cinch. These powerful, yet petite, machines come in a variety of colors and interchangable brushes to handle different types of grills.

    Price: $29.95, Grillbots.com

  • 3. The Smoking Gun, Indoor Smoker


    Not so much a barbecue tool as the ultimate flavor enhancer, this indoor smoker gives meats and veggies that super smoky flavor without the hassle of real flames and fire. The compact and lightweight gadget can be used with a variety of spices-- even teas-- to impart out of this world flavor to your favorite foods.

    Price: $99.95, Williams-Sonoma

  • 4. Tactical Chef Apron


    Now where to put all your high tech gear? Serious grilling gals and guys can suit up with no frills cookout apron. Plenty of pockets for your thermometer, spatulas, tongs and any other tools you need to make the best burgers every time.

    Price: $29.99, ThinkGeek.com

  • 5. Lynx Downtown Electric Grill

    Williams Sonoma

    Who says you can only grill outside? Get cooking inside (or outside) with this powerful electric grill that fits right on your countertop. The surface of this petite machine can reach up to 700°F - perfect for searing meats and vegetables just like charcoal. And there's no waiting for heat up time- start cooking in as little as eight minutes.

    Price:  $1,499.95, Williams Sonoma

  • 6. The 15 Minute Marinator

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    When you need fast flavor, this souped up marinating tool will do the job faster than any traditional method. For steaks, chicken and even seafood, this works by air sealing your food, then gently rotating to ensure an even distribution of your favorite flavors. The machine can hold up to 6 pounds of meat at a time, and once you're done for the day, just pop the parts in the dishwasher to clean.

    Price: $49.99, Sharper Image

  • 7. Taylor Outdoor Pen Thermometer


    This durable waterproof thermometer will take the guesswork out of determining meat doneness. Unlike traditional temp takers, this sleekly designed model is the size of a standard pen for maximum portability.

    Price: $19.95, Williams-Sonoma 

  • 8. Outdoor Grill Light

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    Grilling in the dark isn't just difficult, it's pretty dangerous. Light up the night-- or at least your cooking station-- with this handy, durable grill light designed to clamp on any surface. 

    Price: $59.99, Sharper Image

  • 9. Best Barbecue Applications


    Whether you're just dreaming up a cookout menu or in the throes of grilling, there are a host of smartphone apps to help you hone your skills. These are some of the best, depending on your needs.

    Best for recipe planning: Barbecues & Grilling and Weber's On the Grill

    Best for timing: Pit Pal BBQ

    Best for community tips: BBQ Pad