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  • Sommer Collier/ASpicyPerspective.com

  • Dax Phillips of Simple Comfort Food

  • Dax Phillips of Simple Comfort Food

  • Sommer Collier/ASpicyPerspective.com

  • Dax Phillips of Simple Comfort Food

  • Dax Phillips of Simple Comfort Food

  • Nancy at Coupon Clipping Cook

  • Nancy at Coupon Clipping Cook

July is National Hot Dog Month --and what better way to celebrate the wiener than with delicious recipes that go beyond merely mustard and ketchup.

From spicy chili to cucumber slaw, these tasty toppings will dress up those dogs. 

  • 1. Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dogs

    Everyday Southwest

    Want to spice up your hot dogs?  Think south of the border.  These Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dogs load all the flavors of the old Southwest inside a single bun.  The refried beans, avocado salsa and Mexican crema are layered high and topped with bacon.

    Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dogs

  • 2. Colombian-Style Hot Dogs

    My Colombian Recipes

    Big hot dogs are meant to be messy, so load up with a lot of napkins on this one. This recipe is a twist on a traditional Colombian-Style hot dog that includes coleslaw, pineapple sauce (salsa de piña), ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and crushed potato chips. Part of the fun is using your fingers to eat the runaways that fall onto your plate.

    Recipe: Colombian-Style Hot Dogs

  • 3. Danger Dogs

    Guy Fieri

    Brave enough to handle five-alarm spice, then check out this recipe from Food Network's Guy Fieri. Danger Dogs are topped with red chili for some extra heat, cooled down with tangy pineapple. 

    Recipe: Danger Dogs

  • 4. Green Chili Mole Hot Dogs

    Sommer Collier/ASpicyPerspective.com

    This green chile mole hot dog from Sommer Collier at A SpicyPerspective will have your party guests shouting, Olé!  These Mexican-style dogs, topped with the mole, green chilis, and avocado slices bring on the serious wow-factor.

    Recipe: Green Chili Mole Hot Dogs

  • 5. Hot Dog Egg Rolls

    Dax Phillips of Simple Comfort Food

    Time to ditch that Pigs in a Blanket recipe. The crisp exterior from the egg roll wrapper mixes with a hit of smoke from the dog to create one wallop of a wiener. 

    Recipe: Hot Dog Egg Rolls

  • 6. Buffalo Chicken Hot Dogs

    Dax Phillips of Simple Comfort Food

    These Buffalo Chicken Dog is a tangy way to enjoy that signature spicy flavor without getting your hands completely covered in wing sauce. You get a taste the sweetness of chicken sausage and creamiest of blue cheese.  Don't forget the celery for some added crunch.

    Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Hot Dogs

  • 7. Summer Garden Dogs

    Sommer Collier/ASpicyPerspective.com

    This colorful and nutritious summer dog, topped with crisp garden veggies and herbs, will will be talk of  your next barbecue.  

    Recipe: Summer Garden Dog

  • 8. The Milwaukee Dog

    Dax Phillips of Simple Comfort Food

    This amped up Midwest-style dog dishes up a balanced salt and spice flavor with the right amount of crunch. 

    Recipe: The Milwaukee Dog

  • 9. Mexican Hot Dogs

    Dax Phillips of Simple Comfort Food

    On the hunt for a more authentic Mexican-style hot dog?  This recipe features a tortilla wrapped dog that gets heat from the roasted jalapeños. If it's not enough spice for you, add some Sriracha sauce for an extra kick.

    Recipe: Mexican Hot Dogs

  • 10. Honey Mustard Slaw Dog

    Nancy at Coupon Clipping Cook

    Now you can eat hot dogs, pretzels and peanuts all at one time. Put them together in this fun and inventive hot dog recipe.  And the fresh slaw is also a fantastic way to sneak vegetables into an outdoor favorite. 

    Recipe: Honey Mustard Slaw Dog

  • 11. Jalapeño Chili Dog

    Nancy at Coupon Clipping Cook

    Zesty jalapeno peppers, avocado and fresh tomatoes helps give this hot dog a fresh, summertime taste.

    Recipe: Jalapeño Chili Dog

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