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Rare Aston Martin parked for a decade up for sale

  • pa-1-876.jpg

    1969 Aston Martin DBS Vantage (Silverstone Auctions)

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     (Silverstone Auctions)

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    1970 DBS Vantage V8 Series I (Silverstone Auctions)

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     (Silverstone Auctions)

Bond would not approve.

A 1969 Aston Martin DBS Vantage that was parked in a barn a decade ago is going up for auction in Birmingham, England next week.

The red coupe is powered by a 325 hp V8 and one of only a handful that were equipped with a manual transmission and right hand drive.

Said to be all-original, it doesn’t run, but the engine turns over and it’s in reasonably good condition, aside from the dirt and a few bubbles in the paint on the lower body.

Silverstone Auctions estimates it will sell for $33,000, but the Hagerty Price Guide says it could be worth as much as $147,000 in top shape.

The seller is anonymous, and why he or she left the car alone for so long is unknown, but it seems that the collector had a thing for Aston Martins.

The 1970 DBS Vantage V8 Series I that was sitting next to it all these years also being offered at the auction.