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Much speed! Digital currency Dogecoin sponsors NASCAR driver Josh Wise


The logo for virtual currency "dogecoin" features the lovely mutt on a backdrop of gold. (

Much speed! Such engine! Dogecoin, the digital currency that previously funded the Jamaican bobsled team's trip to the Olympics in Sochi, has turned its focus to NASCAR. The community just raised more than $55,000 - over 67 million Dogecoin - to sponsor NASCAR driver Josh Wise.

Wise said he was excited about the sponsorship - even if he just learned about Dogecoin a week ago.

"They're a passionate community and I got to spend some time doing some questions and answers - an AMA - on Reddit with all the folks on Dogecoin on Reddit and just a really funny, passionate group of people," Wise told's Gary Gastelu.

Wise drives for Phil Parsons Racing, a smaller team compared to others in the sport. He says his underdog status is a great fit for Dogecoin, whose mascot is a Shiba Inu.

“I think it will shed a light on the value that a smaller team like ours can bring to the table,” Wise said. “Just this season we’ve been extremely competitive, running inside the top points several times and some really solid finishes and some good TV exposure.”

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There are currently competitions on Reddit to design the Ford Fusion that Wise will be driving at Talladega. “We’re a little bit at their mercy for that,” Wise said. “It’ll be fun.”