1964 Buick Riviera custom wins 2014 Ridler award

Published March 11, 2014

| FoxNews.com

The best hot rod in America is Canadian.

A 1964 Buick Rivera built by J.F. Launier, owner of JF Kustoms in Osoyoos, British Columbia, has won the coveted Ridler Award at this year’s Detroit Autorama car show custom car show.

The vehicle, named Rivision, is a ‘64 Riv modified with the boattail style of the 1970’s version of the model.

Front fender vents, a deep chin spoiler, lowered suspension, bright yellow paint and tons of original chrome enhance the donor car’s sleek and unique style.

Under its vented hood sits a modern, 6.2-liter Chevrolet V8 with 850 horsepower courtesy of twin-turbochargers mounted way back in the rear of the car, with dual exhausts exiting between the tail lights.

Rivision is the first Canadian car to win the award since 1987, but it won’t be parked in some museum to collect dust anytime soon.

According to The Province, Launier plans to put all that power to good use and see if the car can hit 200 mph.

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