Things you didn't know about 7-Up

Published March 03, 2014

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Things you didn't know about 7-Up

Things you didn't know about 7-Up

The soda hit stores just two weeks before the 1929 stock market crash.

Good for Baking

7-Up can be used in baking to make your cake light and fluffy: popular recipes include 7-Up-infused pound cake, biscuits, buttercream sugar cookies, pie crust, fruit salads, and brownie glaze.

...And Cooking!

Even crazier, 7-Up has been featured in plenty of savory recipes: everything from basting a turkey to marinating pork chops to stir frying shrimp. We can’t vouch for the tastiness of these culinary concepts, but they do exist.

Packed With Mood Stabilizers

The drink contained Lithium Citrate until 1950. Yup, the same pharmacalogical lithium that’s used to treat people with bipolar disorder. Sounds like a great thing to give to kids, right?

Curative Properties

Back then, though, it wasn’t exactly a kids’ drink. Originally, the soda was sold as a hangover cure.

It's 7-Up, It's Uncola

7-Up cultivated a countercultural air in the late 1960’s and '70's, and the "Uncola" enjoyed renewed popularity.

Tongue Twister

The original name of 7-Up was "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda." Rolls trippingly off the tongue, doesn’t it?

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