The unhealthiest chain restaurant salads


Published February 25, 2014

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The unhealthiest chain restaurant salads

The unhealthiest chain restaurant salads

Think you’re ‘just’ having a salad? Think again.

Uno’s Chicago Grill: Honey Crisp Chicken Salad

This salad contains romaine and iceberg lettuce, fried chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, bacon, vermicelli, a couple other veggies, and honey mustard dressing.

Calories: 960
Fat: 62 grams
Saturated Fat: 17 grams
Sodium: 1,770 milligrams

Longhorn Steakhouse: Grilled Chicken Winter Brie Salad

This salad contains winter field greens, chunks of fried brie, dried cherries, red onions, mandarin oranges, and blackberry vinaigrette.

Calories: 990
Fat: 51 grams
Saturated Fat: 14 grams
Sodium: 2,480 milligrams

Denny’s: Fried Chicken Strips Cobb Salad with Bread

This salad tops spring mix with bacon, avocado, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, hard-boiled eggs, fried potato sticks, and strips of fried chicken.

Calories: 1,060
Fat: 56 grams
Saturated Fat: 15 grams
Sodium: 2040 milligrams

Ruby Tuesday: Carolina Chicken Salad

This salad contains mixed lettuce, fried chicken tenders, peas, cheddar cheese, bacon, croutons, veggies, and almonds.

Calories: 1,091
Fat: 47 grams
Sodium: 1,182 milligrams

Hard Rock Café: Haystack Chicken Salad

This salad contains mixed greens, veggies, shredded cheese, fried chicken, ranch dressing, spiced pecans, and fried tortilla strips.

Calories: 1,103

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