Worst food tattoos ever

Published February 04, 2014

| The Daily Meal

Worst food tattoos ever

Worst food tattoos ever

Be thankful these tattoos aren’t on you forever


We wonder which fast food chain this guy prefers? The McDonald's gang's all here on this massive, colorful chest piece. Someone get this guy a Happy Meal, STAT!

Breakfast on Head

Who needs breakfast in bed, when you can get breakfast on head? Yes, this guy loves his bacon and eggs so much he decided to get the whole diner special permanently memorialized on his bald dome. If you ask us, this is a dish best left on the plate, and off your noggin.

Branded Beauty

This may not be the kind of advertising campaign Popeye's Chicken had in mind. Instead of inducing a fried chicken craving, the sight of this ink reminds us all of the not-so-cute consequences of fast food indulgence.

Butchered Tattoo

Our beef with this pork-themed tat is not so much the image, but the placement of said image. The lower back (or "tramp stamp" region) is generally an unsavory locale for a tattoo, especially if it depicts a pig prior to slaughter. That just ain't right.

Chicken-Angel Wings

This food enthusiast's take on traditional angel wings involves a little less feather, and a little more buffalo sauce. It seems like a quaint idea in theory, but on paper (and skin) it takes on a certain unappealing flavor.

Ambiguous Pizza

Pizza and beer are an undeniably satisfying culinary combination. This particular tattoo however, is far from satisfying. At first glance, the pizza slices look more like chicken fingers doused in honey mustard than slices of a tasty pie. Labeling one can "beer" and the other "pizza" is also an interesting artistic choice. Maybe it's just to clarify that those dripping, ambiguous triangles are, in fact, pieces of pizza.

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