Foods that won't spoil


Published January 24, 2014

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Foods that won't spoil

Foods that won't spoil

There are some things you can buy and pack away for the apocalypse without worry of spoilage at all.


Keep it dry, sealed, and bug-free and you can put those boxes of rice to use whenever the mood strikes way down the road. The only exception? Brown rice, as it is naturally oilier and will not keep as long.

Hard Liquor

If you receive a fine bottle of hard liquor for a holiday and want to save it for a special occasion, go right ahead. If it's left unopened and stored, it will completely safe to consume whenever you are ready to, though the aroma of the liquor may fade slightly. If you couldn’t resist and had to open it? An industry standard is that the bottle will be good for about six to eight months.  


Because sugar (brown, confectioners', or granulated white) does not have the capacity to create an environment for bacterial growth, sugar can last indefinitely. The key is to keep it sealed and dry so it does not clump or harden.

Pure Vanilla Extract

Because of its alcohol content, pure vanilla extract abides by the same rules as hard liquor: sealed and stocked away, it is completely fine. So if you purchase far too much of it for the holiday season, consider yourself prepped for next year.


When honey is pure and kept tightly sealed, it can last forever. Honey may change color or crystallize over time, but you can still use it, according to the National Honey Board.

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