The best gluten-free pastas


Published January 07, 2014

| Bon Appetit

The best gluten-free pastas

The best gluten-free pastas

A comprehensive taste test reveals that gluten-free pasta doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice.

Spaghetti Winner (Tie)

Andean Dream Quinoa Spaghetti

The highest compliment we could pay to this rice flour and quinoa–based noodle: This could be real pasta.

Spaghetti Winner (Tie)

Ancient Harvest Spaghetti 

Corn flour lends this corn-quinoa pasta a bright yellow color, corny flavor, and impressive structural integrity.

Penne Pasta Winner (Tie)

Jovial Penne Rigate 

Not only was this rice-flour penne texturally impressive, the pasta absorbed the flavor of the olive oil nicely.

Penne Pasta Winner (Tie)

Le Veneziane Penne 

Once again, Italy proves it knows a thing or two about pasta. These imported penne had a firm bite and a mildly corny taste.

Elbow Macaroni Winner

Bionaturae Elbows 

Elbows were not the strongest category for gluten-free pastas, but this rice-flour version stood out with a neutral, agreeable flavor.

Fusilli Winner

Delallo Whole Grain Rice Fusilli 

This brown rice flour pasta had a springy bite.

For more of the best tasting gluten-free pastas, check out the full list.

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