Foods doctors won’t eat (and why)


Published December 24, 2013

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Foods doctors won’t eat (and why)

Foods doctors won’t eat (and why)

We spoke with doctors around the country about the foods they won’t consider eating.

Ice Cream

You may actually scream about ice cream when you hear what doctors have to say about it.
"The worst food for humans," states Dr. Hirt. "It is chock-full of chemicals, hormones, and pasteurized dairy. Pasteurization changes the proteins of milk. It has saturated fats and, worst of all, sugar in it." And as far as his opinion on frozen yogurt? "Not much better at all. It all has sugar, which has ruined more of human civilization than any ingredient."

Fruits and Vegetables

Well, the ones on the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen list! Dr. Chandra suggests buying these organic to avoid pesticides. "Avoid anything with an ingredient you might see in chemical equations from your 10th grade chemistry class," he quips. "Let's say sodium benzoate + potassium bromate = food I-will-not-eat."

Soda, Juice, and Energy Drinks

We all know that these are some of the worst offenders, "because of the extremely high sugar content and acidity," says Dr. Chandra. "This is toxic to your teeth and leaches calcium from your bones in addition to contributing heavily to obesity because of the sugar content. No ifs, ands, or buts, just avoid them." And the other doctors couldn’t agree more. "Soft drinks are liquid candy," confirms Dr. Tolcher. "Pick eating an apple over drinking apple juice; most of the juices say right there on the bottle 'contains no fruit!'" And as far as energy drinks go: "Too many stimulants," scorns Dr. Pacheco. "Some studies [show] that there is increased platelet aggregation along with heart problems. Caffeine is fine for bodies but excessive quantities are a problem."

Artificially Colored Foods

"If it has a color with a number next to it, steer clear away," advises Dr. Chandra. "Compounds like yellow #5 (tartrazine), red #40, and blue. The #1 (brilliant blue) is derived from coal tars and they have all been shown to cause allergic reactions. Yellow #5 has been persuasively linked to cancer and ADHD. Many artificial colors were banned in Europe after research showed ill effects and consumers protested. However, we still allow them in the U.S. Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, and those weird blue Slurpees at 7-11 may taste good but they are almost the definition of toxic."

Cold Cuts

"These are among the worst processed foods because of the high fat and high sodium content but even more so the nitrates used as preservatives," shares Dr. Chandra. "These have been linked to stomach cancer among other illnesses." It is important to remember that this includes products like hot dogs, as Dr. Maroon pointed out earlier.

Processed Chicken and Farmed Fish

When it comes to chicken and fish, most people think they are safe by eating the leaner protein. But not reading labels can cost you down the line. "Birds in general get sick with common viruses that we can catch," says Dr. Hirt. "Plus, they are pumped with chemicals like arsenic and heavy toxins. People need to see how if you eat an unhealthy animal you end up unhealthy."

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