The unhealthiest fast-food kids’ meals


Published November 20, 2013

| The Daily Meal

The unhealthiest fast-food kids’ meals

The unhealthiest fast-food kids’ meals

Try as fast-food chains might, the majority of their child-oriented offerings are still anything but healthy. 

Dairy Queen

Cheeseburger, Kids’ Fries, Milk, Dilly Bar

Fat: 49 grams
Calories: 980
Sodium: 1,665 milligrams

Jack in the Box

Chicken Sandwich, Kid’s French Fries, 2 Percent Milk

Fat: 35.5 grams
Calories: 760
Sodium: 1,290 milligrams


Grilled Cheese, Tots, 1 Percent Chocolate Milk

Fat: 32.5 grams
Calories: 790
Sodium: 1,810 milligrams


Lil’ Bucket with Chicken Little, Macaroni and Cheese, 2 Percent Milk, Applesauce

Fat: 30 grams
Calories: 710
Sodium: 1,600 milligrams


Kids Cheeseburger, Small Fries, Jr. Original Chocolate Frosty

Fat: 29 grams
Calories: 710
Sodium: 1,060 milligrams

For more of the unhealthiest kids' meals, check out the full list.

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