Things you didn't know about Pepsi


Published November 15, 2013

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Things you didn't know about Pepsi

Things you didn't know about Pepsi

Pepsi is a big name in the cola world, but there are some surprising things you might not know about the brand.

Bringing together soda and chips

PepsiCo, Inc. is the brand we know it as today due to a merger of two companies: Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay.

Selling abroad

Pepsi-Cola was the first American consumer product to be produced, marketed, and sold in the former Soviet Union.

From horse and buggy to truck

One of the first companies in the U.S. to do away with the horse-drawn carriage method of transporting product was in fact the Pepsi‐Cola Company. The company switched over to motor vehicles and no one has looked back — except maybe Budweiser what with their Clydesdales.

Bigger is better

Pepsi was the first beverage company to introduce the 2-liter bottle to hold larger quantities of their drinks (and for a higher price).

Official sponsor

If you’re a National Football League or National Baseball League fanatic, you can thank Pepsi for being the official sponsor of both leagues.

Getting on board with diet soda

Pepsi Light was the "original" Diet Pepsi that was considered an alternative to regular Cola. This product had a distinct lemon flavor and just one calorie.

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