9 creepy cocktails for Halloween

Published October 24, 2013

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9 creepy cocktails for Halloween

9 creepy cocktails for Halloween

These devilishly delicious cocktails will delight your guests. 

The Brain Hemorrhage

This graphic cocktail shooter may look gross, but guests will want more than one hit of this delightfully creamy-peachy goodness. The trick here is to carefully pour the Bailey's " brains" to suspend them in the fruity schnapps.

Recipe: The Brain Hemorrhage shooter

Sweet and Spooky Creamsicle

A delightfully sweet cocktail that gets a creamy kick from vanilla vodka. This drink has a perfect Halloween orange hue. 

Recipe: Sweet and Spooky Creamsicle

Pumpkin Pie Ale

All the best flavors of fall in one glass. This spicy, sweet sparkler is a surprising twist for pumpkin lovers. 

Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Ale

Bloody Cider Punch

Keep the Halloween party going with this bold and tasty brew. Brandy and cider deliver warm fall flavors with a uniquely tart twist that's definitely different from the typical holiday punch recipe.

Recipe: Bloody Cider Punch

Sparkling Candy Apple

This sparkling, fruity creation will dazzle guests with its refreshing flavor. Apple rum gives this drink the perfect party-starting kick.

Recipe: Sparkling Candy Apple

Halloween Brew

A wickedly tasty spin on a cranberry martini, this cocktail has right look for a spooky Halloween soirée.

Recipe: Halloween Brew

Children of the Thorn Punch

Guests will die for this delicious punch. The Thorny Rose Red Blend gives this cocktail a bloody hue while fresh lemons, oranges and plums keep the drink refreshing and fun.

Recipe: Children of the Thorn Punch

Blood and Sand

This revived classic cocktail may have a frightful name but it always goes down smooth. Fruity and mildly smokey, with a generous pouring of Scotch, this drink will knock out that Autumn chill. 

Recipe: Blood and Sand cocktail

The Black Widow

Fans of the deep and dark will love this richly flavored creation. Aromatic Fernet Branca gives this drink a sophisticated edge.

Recipe: The Black Widow cocktail