Beer 101: Which beer goes in which glass?


Published September 20, 2013

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Beer 101: Which beer goes in which glass?

Beer 101: Which beer goes in which glass?

Discover the differences between IPA, Pilsner, pint, wheat, and tulip beer glasses, and which beers to pour with each.

Imperial Pint Glass

This 20-ounce glass, sometimes called a "nonic," is a staple of British pubs. The bulbous curve near the top of the glass helps to prevent chipping. The traditional way to fill an imperial pint glass is with English ales such as Theakston Old Peculiar. (Libbey, $4 a glass)


Long and lean, the Pilsner glass can range in size from 200 ml to 500 ml, and is perfect for lighter Czech lagers like Pilsner Urquell, and American lagers like Yuengling. (A Pilsner is a style of lager distinguished by its straw hue, higher carbonation, and crisp finish.) (Spiegelau, $25 for a set of 2)

Weizen or Wheat Glasses

Similar in shape to the Pilsner glass, these German-born vessels accommodate the larger heads produced by wheat beers such as Paulaner. The glasses have thinner walls and most are sized to about a half-liter. (Spiegelau, $25 for a set of 2)

Tulip Glass

The shape of the tulip glass is designed for amplifying the aromas of Belgian-style abbey ales and IPAs. Enjoy a floral lambic such as one from Brasserie Cantillon or Flanders red ale Duchesse de Bourgogne in this glass. (Spiegelau, $50 for tasting kit of four glasses)

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