You won’t believe these 10 celebrities own chain restaurants

Published September 13, 2013

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You won’t believe these 10 celebrities own chain restaurants

You won’t believe these 10 celebrities own chain restaurants

Buying a franchise can be a great way to supplement an income, apparently.

Rick Ross, Wingstop

Rapper Rick Ross might have been well-known for his feud with 50 Cent until recently, but the big news out of Miami (and quite a few other locations) is his acquisition of multiple franchises of Wingstop. Ross didn’t stop in Miami, opening two additional locations in a "restaurant buying spree” in Memphis." "Miami is my hometown, and I want to share my favorite wings with one of my favorite cities," Ross explained in a press statement.

Magic Johnson, Starbucks

Yes, we’ve already mentioned Magic Johnson, but let’s be honest, the dude deserves two entries for the sheer number of business ventures he operates. Johnson has a knack for working with existing brands and tailoring them to the areas he targets. For example, at a Starbucks location he partnered with in Los Angeles, he noticed that locals enjoyed playing chess in the area. Working with the company, he placed picnic tables outside the location and invited the community to visit and play. You’re welcome, Starbucks.

Peyton Manning, Papa John’s

Peyton Manning is a freaking genius. Seriously. The quarterback signed a deal to purchase 21 Papa John's franchises in the Denver area two weeks before voters in Colorado approved an amendment legalizing recreational pot use in the state. The jock stereotype cannot hold up in the face of business savvy like this.

Shaquille O’Neal, Auntie Anne’s

Apparently, Shaq loves pretzels. In fact, he loves them so much that his O'Neal Franchise Group teamed up with V&J Foods in 2007 to purchase eight franchised locations of Auntie Anne’s in Buffalo, N.Y., and a half-dozen more in Michigan with plans for expansion. It looks like he currently owns six locations around Buffalo, and nine in Michigan. According to V&J, Shaq’s involvement is minimal in terms of advertising but the door is always open if he’s interested. Pretty sure the world is ready for an advertising campaign involving Shaq, a shopping mall, and a cinnamon sugar pretzel drowning in butter. Someone needs to make this happen now.

NeNe Leakes, Famous Famiglia Pizzeria

NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame is a Southern superstar, ya’ll. So she opened a... pizza joint? In California? We don’t even know. But true story: she opened a franchise of Famous Famiglia Pizzeria in the Sacramento airport several years ago. Lucky for visitors, it’s probably operated by people who know some things about pizza making and Italian food. Sorry, NeNe.

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