Facts you didn't know about Coca-Cola

Published September 09, 2013

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Facts you didn't know about Coca-Cola

Facts you didn't know about Coca-Cola

Delving into the history of the storied brand, Coca-Cola.

Fact #1

Coke is the world’s most widely distributed product, and is sold in more than 200 countries — that’s more countries than there are in the United Nations.

Fact #2

When Coca-Cola first appeared on the market in the 1860s, it was marketed "nerve tonic,"  made to help ease the woes of modern civilization. More and more people were displaying signs of what was called "neurasthenia," or neurotic and psychosomatic symptoms. Coca-Cola would change all that.

Fact #3

Coca-Cola, at the time, was said to cure opium and morphine addiction — and even Sigmund Freud was a believer. Freud was excited by Coca-Cola because he said it cured him of periodic depression and gave him a sex drive. That explains a lot.

Fact #4

When Coca-Cola came out, coca was being made into tablets, wine, liqueurs, hypodermic injections, and coca-leaf cigarettes.

Fact #5

Ever wondered where the "cola" part of the name came from? The kola nut, it turns out. The kola nut, found in Africa, where it had been an integral part of life for centuries, was said to have lots of medicinal effects, and the alkaloid better known as caffeine.

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