Must-try ways to top your burger

Published July 30, 2013

| The Daily Meal

Must-try ways to top your burger

Must-try ways to top your burger

We just can’t get enough of burgers. 

Jam and Brie

The combination of Brie and cranberry sauce is the perfect topping to a classic turkey sandwich, especially around Thanksgiving, but we think it could bode well for burgers, too. Use fresh jam from your summer berries as a substitute for cranberry sauce.

Caesar Salad

You’re probably already enjoying a nice heap of it on your plate, so why not just top your burger with Caesar salad for an interesting twist on classic lettuce? The creamy dressing is a great substitution for cheese, and the lettuce adds freshness and texture.

Peaches and Cheddar

More and more, we’re seeing a play on sweet and savory with burger recipes, and that made us crave some Cheddar and peaches. As one of our favorite summer stone fruits, a peach adds refreshing flavors and texture to the burger, and a sharp Cheddar cheese balances its sweetness.

Lemon Juice

This was enjoyed by one of the staff writers at The Daily Meal while they were visiting Rome’s Jewish ghetto. A freshly grilled burger was given a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of fresh lemon zest for a simple and refreshing take on a burger.

Pulled Pork

There’s nothing like the dilemma of choosing between pulled pork and a burger at a summer barbecue, so we say do both! This pastrami burger proves to us that there’s never too much meat on your burger, ever.

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