Regional burger chains that we wish were national

Published July 29, 2013

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Regional burger chains that we wish were national

Regional burger chains that we wish were national

From secret menus to special sauce, these joints have found a way to stand apart from other fast-food chains.

Arctic Circle, Midwest

Arctic Circle has a total of 73 locations and is primarily located in Utah and Idaho. It’s famous for its Black Angus beef burgers, which come in two sizes, big and bigger. Fans love the Arctic Circle Original Fry Sauce, which is also available for purchase.

Whataburger, Southern United States

With more than 700 locations over 10 states, it’s a shame that Whataburger hasn’t made its way up north. A Texas favorite and number six on the Daily Meal’s list of 10 Best Chain Burgers, Whataburger has classic fast-food options in addition to seasonal favorites like avocado and specialty burgers with jalapeños and cheese.

Original Tommy’s Hamburgers, California

With 31 locations in California and two in Nevada, Original Tommy’s Hamburgers is the runner-up to In-N-Out in terms of California burger chains. If you’re visiting, don’t miss out on their famous Double Chili Cheeseburger, a favorite among California locals.

White Castle, Northern United States

Made famous by Harold and Kumar, White Castle may have tiny burgers, but it has a huge cult following. White Castle differs from Krystal Burger in that the variety of slider options is much larger, including double cheese, chicken breast, and fish options.

In-N-Out, West Coast

Perhaps no regional chain is as beloved as In-N-Out Burger. Though it’s primarily associated with California, In-N-Out also has locations in Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Arizona. Though the Animal-Style fries of the secret menu have yet to make it over to the East Coast, locals swear they’re worth the trip. In-N-Out was the runner-up on the Daily Meal’s list of 10 Best Chain Burgers, though some locals would probably contest that.

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